30+ of The Most Creative And Funny Illusions Using Book Covers


Did you know that you can even use book covers to create optical illusions? Try it!

Pick out your favorite books and see how you can use them to come up with some awesome optical illusions. Check out the photos listed in this post to help you find some good ideas to get started.


Share this post with all your friends who love reading books. They’ll really enjoy these pictures. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t miss the 12th picture, it is pretty awesome.

  1. 1 I guess she is the librarian.

  2. 2 Trying out a bra.

  3. 3 That's very creative.

  4. 4 Majesty.


  5. 5 Now she looks likes one of the Oprah singer

  6. 6 Cute one !

  7. 7 Requiem 3D Book Cover.

  8. 8 Better be careful while While reading at beach.

  9. 9 Is she defining Darwin theory.

  10. 10 That's a true 3D animation.

  11. 11 Synchronizing to next level.

  12. 12 Who wanna go a broad?

  13. 13 That's a very creative book cover.

  14. 14 HAHA that's a very well defining cover for Fat people.

  15. 15 A.M.Homes.

  16. 16 That photographer got some crazy skills.

  17. 17 Well there should be a new genre of book models.

  18. 18 Detective book cover .

  19. 19 That's very cute.

  20. 20 Taking pregnancy to a whole new level.

  21. 21 Twining the book cover.

  22. 22 I guess she is the same person from the book.

  23. 23 That's one classy book cover.

  24. 24 Everything is on point.

  25. 25 Breathing Underwater Book Cover

  26. 26 Only Emily fox knows the truth.

  27. 27 That scarf book cover looks resounding.

  28. 28 I guess she is following November trend.

  29. 29 A sad face book cover.

  30. 30 Look's like he is holding the snow white's Apple.

  31. 31 That is one hot book cover.

  32. 32 Clark Kent to the rescue.

  33. 33 Looks like GTA cover .


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