30 Hilariously Crazy Situations Every Parent Can Relate to


Being a parent is no easy feat, you have to be responsible weather you like it or not. Being a good parent means making sure your kids are safe, well fed, and happy. And while it may sound simple, it is anything but simple. Kids love to scream, poop and land themselves in trouble. If you have toddlers, they won’t even let you sleep and they’ll puke on you.

Sometimes even the parents get tired of the 24/7 duty and they mess up hilariously as well. But can you really blame them? It is not easy to handle a mini human.


Listed in this post are 30 hilarious and crazy situations that every parent can relate to. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Mommy I am having breakfast in the bath today

  2. 2 It was already there when I got here

  3. 3 Ever tried this?

  4. 4 Guardian duties


  5. 5 When the restaurant doesn't bring you a baby chair

  6. 6 Hey, mommy. So I found out today that I love peanut butter.

  7. 7 You want some?

  8. 8 Found in the Zara's changing room. His mum hung him in here and forgot.

  9. 9 Hear my daughter crying in the toilet. Went in to see this...

  10. 10 Setting quite an example for the others

  11. 11 Can't wait for it to go on the plate

  12. 12 Five minutes of silence!

  13. 13 I’m going to just assume this is a sign of affection

  14. 14 Almost gave me a mini heart attack

  15. 15 Damn it John you dropped the baby again

  16. 16 She didn't act very nice

  17. 17 Look mom, I put makeup on

  18. 18 Houston, we have a problem!

  19. 19 Hence Proved!

  20. 20 Only little Emma knows

  21. 21 But first, let me snapchat it

  22. 22 So apparently, he doesn't like turtles very much

  23. 23 I came out of WHAT?!

  24. 24 Oh Man Poor chi chi..

  25. 25 She's been fishing in there for a while now

  26. 26 There's nothing they can't reach!

  27. 27 Unfortunately, that was a permanent marker...

  28. 28 This was her reaction when I said "start cleaning up"

  29. 29 What? Did I do something wrong?

  30. 30 And that's where the family tree stopped growing


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