25 Funny Yet Cool BFF Tattoos


Best friends are one of life’s best gifts. You don’t get to choose your family, but you get to choose your friends and that is why you can connect with them so well even if you may have trouble connecting with your own family.

Friends are soulmates, they make life so much better. Some people get adorable tattoos to remember their best friends. It’s something that always stays with them even when they grow up and go their separate ways due to job or studies.


Today’s post is about celebrating friendship and friendship tattoos. Listed in this post are 25 adorable BFF tattoos. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 For friendships that are meant to last

  2. 2 You complete my Pizza

  3. 3 The perfect combo

  4. 4 Hug it out amigo


  5. 5 Both of us are pieces of the same puzzle

  6. 6 Friendship goals!

  7. 7 Attraction rate= 100%

  8. 8 Yin yang best friend tattoo

  9. 9

  10. 10 Gotta stay connected for life

  11. 11 Still not cheesier than our friendship

  12. 12 Sharing this connection for life

  13. 13 My fellow birdie's awesome

  14. 14 Let's make a sandwich

  15. 15 ** Hi Five **

  16. 16 Holding hands through the path of life

  17. 17 Only you listen to what's in my heart

  18. 18 Just like old times

  19. 19 Meet the perfect trio

  20. 20 As inseparable as it could get

  21. 21 When tea is life, and so is your bff

  22. 22 Two ends of the same coin

  23. 23 When bad meets evil

  24. 24 You're the Mini to my Micky

  25. 25 Because the pack must stay together

  26. 26 You have the key to all my secrets

  27. 27 We're together even when we're far away

  28. 28 Best Buds

  29. 29 Sisterhood for the win

  30. 30 Cover me up dude

  31. 31 Let's dine

  32. 32 When both of you spread the same fragrance


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