30+ Hilarious Caught in Act Moments Caught on Camera


All men check out women but they wouldn’t like to be caught in the act. Just as women wouldn’t want to be caught on camera when they’re scratching their butt or picking their nose.

However in a world of smartphones and digital cameras, you can’t really keep anything private anymore.

If you’re messing around in public, someone will most definitely take your picture and post it up on social media. People will laugh at you for a day, then they’ll move on to the next person who messed up.


Don’t fret over your blunders, learn to enjoy them.

Listed in this post are photos of people who were caught doing awkward stuff in public. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When you know this is your last chance to have fun

  2. 2 Tell me where the cookies are or he dies

  3. 3 Police officer checking Out Kim Kardashian's Famous b**ty!

  4. 4 Everyone likes a little appreciation


  5. 5 Who cares about running plays when you're too busy catching buggers

  6. 6 Necessity is the mother of deception

  7. 7 This is what I saw

  8. 8 Thierry Henry caught in act!

  9. 9 Busted by mom

  10. 10 I didn't take it

  11. 11 He's gonna grow up to be a playboy

  12. 12 Talk or we'll have to torture you even more

  13. 13 That's car is more sensitive than my infant's skin

  14. 14 Summers can be itchy

  15. 15 Ruff day eh?

  16. 16 I opened it accidentally mom

  17. 17 Gotta work with man made fuel

  18. 18 Gotta picture what matters most

  19. 19 Sleeping with makeup?

  20. 20 I didn't do it!

  21. 21 When doggo's in a mood

  22. 22 Caught in the act

  23. 23 Give me back that banana

  24. 24 You were supposed to be at work

  25. 25 We're just playing horseback riding

  26. 26 I swear there was something in the bin

  27. 27 It's just saying Hi

  28. 28 Fancy a little trim Madame?

  29. 29 They said they were playing "The Mummy"

  30. 30 Caught stealing from mums bag!

  31. 31 Let's go for a walk!

  32. 32 Looking for truffle butter!

  33. 33 That didn't turn out too pretty


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