30 Photos That Show Cats are the Funniest Creatures on Earth


Did you know that there are scientific studies showing that you can actually boost your energy and improve your mood by watching cat photos and videos? That’s no surprise. The world is hooked to cats and for good reason too! Cats can cheer up almost everybody.

Cats are the funniest, most adorable creatures on the planet! They’re smart, and they’re sassy. They really know how to pose well too!


In this post we have listed up lots of adorable cat photos to lift your mood.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with other cat lovers in your list.

  1. 1 She just needs a couple of inches

  2. 2 You do WHAT in this?

  3. 3 Unique ways to eat 101

  4. 4 Whiskers away


  5. 5 If you are a cat and you shower with homans you gonna have a bad time

  6. 6 Who trained him to do that?!

  7. 7 Defying gravity

  8. 8 Gymnast kitty

  9. 9 Drop dead

  10. 10 Torturing cell

  11. 11 Looks like my cat has been drinking

  12. 12 Exploring new domains

  13. 13 Laziness level = Infinity

  14. 14 Bearpaw

  15. 15 Reptiles and mammals

  16. 16 Friends for life

  17. 17 My pocket kitty

  18. 18 Her comfy spot

  19. 19 Her not so comfy spot

  20. 20 Together forever

  21. 21 Like father like son

  22. 22 That looks intense

  23. 23 Get me some sheets hooman

  24. 24 She hasn't moved for 10 minutes

  25. 25 Stop taking my pictures

  26. 26 Such a balanced sleep

  27. 27 He only uses his own door

  28. 28 Sloth mode

  29. 29 I saw you last night woman. You were like this for some dude.

  30. 30 Eating on all fours

  31. 31 "Bring Me Solo and the Wookie"

  32. 32 My son and my cat have a weird relationship.


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