20+ Most Amusing Breakup Snapchat Masterpieces


Breakups are always terrible. It’s never easy to part with someone that you had once given your heart to. But people fall out of love or they simply outgrow each other and breakups happen.

Some people deal with breakups maturely and move on without making a fuss. Others make sure the whole world knows about their breakup by posting passive aggressive messages and photos on social media. These messages are often quite hilarious.


In this post we have collected 30 hilarious snapchats by people who just broke up. Scroll on and enjoy the photos peeps, you’ll seriously be laughing out loud by the time you finish the list.

  1. 1 Only for the right one

  2. 2 All over me

  3. 3 Please take this as a sign

  4. 4 What she could have had

  5. 5 You Plain AF woman


  6. 6 You weren't even close

  7. 7 This guy knows many ways to let his feelings known

  8. 8 These pussies have more guts than you dude

  9. 9 Family feuds begin

  10. 10 Communication is key

  11. 11 So many of them

  12. 12 He's got her preggers

  13. 13 When you wanted to smash so bad but couldn't do it

  14. 14 Must be annoying having a conversation

  15. 15 I'm totally convertible...

  16. 16 Give me some of it woman

  17. 17 At least clarified, "to me"

  18. 18 Wanna hang out?

  19. 19 Still more attracted to me than my crush

  20. 20 Still looking for the spice

  21. 21 Because you gotta keep it real

  22. 22 Drove me till the very end

  23. 23 Cracked it wide open

  24. 24 Translation: Break up with me and I'll kill you

  25. 25 I couldn't find your switch

  26. 26 Too easy for me

  27. 27 Every girl after breakup

  28. 28 The knot of my love wasn't strong enough

  29. 29 The relationship drowned itself to death


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