30+ Brand Replicas That are So Amusing That It Will Tickle Your Funny Bone


Have you ever walked towards a certain direction, located your favorite Coffee place, raced towards it and frozen right outside the store with your mind totally boggled because what looked like ‘Starbucks’ is actually ‘Sunbucks’, just a cheap replica of your favorite coffee chain. How dare they?

This might have hit right into the feels and if that is the case then you’re at the right place.


Listed up in this post are photos of crazy, weird and just outrageous brand replicas. You’re definitely going to end up laughing hard at these. Would you have been fooled if you saw these?

Scroll and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 The Gabbana can go f**k itself

  2. 2 The Asian solution

  3. 3 My key?

  4. 4 This calls for a pint of Johnnie Worker...


  5. 5 Filled with all kinds of special powers

  6. 6 What's the storage capacity on these bad boys?

  7. 7 A rather feminist version of the Burger King

  8. 8 The best beef in town

  9. 9 Every Puma in the jungle feels regret right now

  10. 10 The logo explains how the coffee in there would taste

  11. 11 This sunblock would work really slow if you judge it by the logo

  12. 12 Wanna come over to my place and try out my new Poly-Station?

  13. 13 We've got a new character incoming to Hogwarts...

  14. 14 More like "Pizza, huh?"

  15. 15 They were right when they said Google can help you in all kinds of situations

  16. 16 Kentucky Fried Grill

  17. 17 Don't look too appropriate to be worn on a hike

  18. 18 More than just a hut

  19. 19 Try out new Noki. A mobile device

  20. 20 Because people got sick of spelling them like "Oreo"

  21. 21 Gotta drop some sick deats

  22. 22 RIP Adidas

  23. 23 Guess the real brand name

  24. 24 Asians are really unbeatable in fake brand names

  25. 25 Not sure if RidBull gives you wings or not

  26. 26 Maybe that's how they say Marlboro in their language

  27. 27 Kentucky's Lovely Girlfriend

  28. 28 God bless the clown

  29. 29 Kicker is Chunkier

  30. 30 I guess they made a typo

  31. 31 It's a search engine to stalk girls

  32. 32 Lasts longer than your regular batteries

  33. 33 If Adidas had issues with the alphabet "D"

  34. 34 I'm sorry Rayban..

  35. 35 At least they got the brand origination right


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