30 Bizarre Photos of People Face Swapping With Their Pets and Its Hilarious


Ever since snapchat introduced the Faceswap filter, the world has been going crazy over it.

People are swapping faces with not just people, they’re swapping faces with all sorts of animals and even objects as well. 


Tons of faceswaps are posted and snapped daily and not all of them are sane or cute. Some of these face swaps are seriously bizzare and downright hilarious; that’s the kind of faceswaps that we have collected in this post. 

Scroll on to see bizarre animal faceswaps. Heck, try it out with your own pet and join the fun!  

  1. 1 Which smile is better?

  2. 2 How my gf sees me

  3. 3 The right use of makeup

  4. 4 We went beaching


  5. 5 Thunder cats

  6. 6 This is the creepiest dog I have ever seen

  7. 7 And topping the list of most weird face swaps

  8. 8 Eye swap instead of face swap

  9. 9 Probably one of the biggest WTF face swaps

  10. 10 The human like friend we all need

  11. 11 Chubby Cheeks

  12. 12 That indirect french kiss

  13. 13 Asian enough?

  14. 14 It's a furry kinda day

  15. 15 How it really should be

  16. 16 Made for each other

  17. 17 The dog face looks gutted

  18. 18 Winning portrait

  19. 19 Grumpy kitty

  20. 20 Don't look into its eye

  21. 21 Ruff day huh?

  22. 22 But first, let me take a selfie

  23. 23 Life owner like pet

  24. 24 The level of surprise is too damn high

  25. 25 How's it going fellas?

  26. 26 A day will come when they rule again

  27. 27 Notice the teeth stuck in my nose

  28. 28 Eye swap done right

  29. 29 Left my husband with our son for a day and this is what I get on WhatsApp

  30. 30 Kitty enhances my facial features

  31. 31 Let's do a walk just like we're on the ramp


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