30 Hilariously Creative Bathroom Signs


We don’t see much creativity on most public bathrooms. People simply paste up women and a man symbol to signify which restrooms are for woman and which ones are for men. It is pretty boring.

Ever thought about making the bathrooms signs a little more interesting? Some folks did. They came up with super creative symbols to replace the traditional men and women symbols. In this post we have collected the photos of all the creative bathroom symbols that we came across online.


If you’re starting out your own business, you should try using one of the hilarious bathroom signs. People will love it.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Cock / Pussy .

  2. 2 Gal / Guy ...

  3. 3 Could Sprinkle ...

  4. 4 Beer and wine.


  5. 5 Or we can go as Nuts And Nut-less.

  6. 6 That's a very practical sign.

  7. 7 That's accurate.

  8. 8 Who needs a bikini?

  9. 9 That's a deep sign.

  10. 10 Pac-man LoL.

  11. 11 A very fruity sign.

  12. 12 Biological sign.

  13. 13 Taking bathroom signs to next level

  14. 14 well, If a girl doesn't wear bra, where does she pee?

  15. 15 He is naked and she is not

  16. 16 This one is really funny

  17. 17 Toilet signs at Holy Land

  18. 18 There must be alot of batman and wonder woman fans in Thailand

  19. 19 Sign says "no smoking", but Popeyes clearly got a pipe in his mouth!!!

  20. 20 Bathroom doors in Germany

  21. 21 My friend spotted this sign outside a toilet in Seoul

  22. 22 Cute bathrooms signs for Skiers in Slovakia

  23. 23 I guess that is some where in Latin America.

  24. 24 The way men and women gets beer out of their systems

  25. 25 A very usual sign.

  26. 26 Only adults are allowed over there.

  27. 27 Something fishy is going on in there.

  28. 28 That's not a hard code to crack.

  29. 29 When you are short on time.

  30. 30 That's pretty Explicit scenario.


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