30 Hilarious Vacation Photo Fails That are Hard to Forget


Vacations are a time that’s supposed to help us rewind and relax.  It is a brief period in which theoretically we forget all our worries and let ourselves immerse into all the pleasures that life has to offer.

However things don’t always work out as planned. Sometimes even the most thoroughly planned vacations can turn into hilarious disasters. When that happens, you can’t really do anything but suck it up and make the most of your situation.


This post is dedicated to failed vacations and failed vacation photos ruined by photobombs, bad backgrounds and bad camera work.  Scroll on to see some of the most hilarious vacation photo fails ever!

  1. 1 Squeeze Play

  2. 2 "Tried to take a picture of my wife flipping her hair back in the water. Nailed it!"

  3. 3 10 dollars say she'll hit the crib

  4. 4 Guess who's hunting


  5. 5 Natural breast support

  6. 6 Tried to get a nice photo with a llama......

  7. 7 I love me those apes. They know how to have fun.

  8. 8 Vacation with the family, did not expect this.

  9. 9 photobomb level: giraffe

  10. 10 They wanted something special for the vacation

  11. 11 Chewbacca lost weight

  12. 12 Lucky chap

  13. 13 Curiosity can take you places

  14. 14 Raising a daredevil

  15. 15 We made a friend

  16. 16 Nothing to be scared of

  17. 17 Every time I ask someone to take a photo of me

  18. 18 "This oblivious woman sitting in front of my dad on a 5 hour flight."

  19. 19 Photobomb of the year

  20. 20 Negotiations in progress

  21. 21 Can it BE any sexier?

  22. 22 Spot the water

  23. 23 Watch out for this badass

  24. 24 Snorkeling trip is about to get fun

  25. 25 Tricky winds of Manhattan

  26. 26 Expectation vs Reality

  27. 27 Someone does not like family photos

  28. 28 “All week long at this Jamaican resort, we kept running into this man. On the last day of our trip, we had to pose for this photo.”

  29. 29 Always been the party pooper

  30. 30 Posing gone wrong


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