20+ Embarrassing Yet Funny Airport Greeting Signs That are Unforgettable


I love airports. That’s mainly because almost everything is so real at the airport. You see genuine tears when people are saying goodbye to their loved ones. You see genuine happiness when someone goes to receive their loved ones. It’s all so moving.


Some people don’t like to get emotional. So they use humor instead. They come up with hilarious puns to receive their loved ones. In this post we have listed hilarious airport greeting signs that you’re sure to enjoy. Scroll down and enjoy peeps. 

  1. 1 My friend just got home from a trip. This was her family greeting her at the airport.

  2. 2 Embarrassed the wife at the airport in front of several coworkers and her boss. She loved it

  3. 3 How I greet my straight friends at the airport

  4. 4 My Air Force brother-in-law is coming home for the birth of his son/ my nephew. I'm picking him up from the airport...


  5. 5 Best welcome back message!

  6. 6 This is how my Mom greeted me at the airport, after having not seen her for a few years. She made me walk through the entire airport under her left arm

  7. 7 Saw This Picking My Friend Up At Sea-Tac Airport

  8. 8 This dad who picks up his straight son from airport

  9. 9 Thanks for really pushing the single issue, Fam

  10. 10 My cousin picked me up from the airport today and welcomed me with this sign

  11. 11 So My Girlfriend Met Me At The Airport Today....

  12. 12 Cole tesar, a soldier from bellevue, got hom. his baby girl-he has never met-was waiting for him with this sign

  13. 13 Kid made a sign for grandma and grandpa's arrival.

  14. 14 I'm Picking Up My friend, 'chocolate johnny,' who literally has a chocolate factory in australia

  15. 15 This is how my friend's dad greeted her at the airport yesterday. best dad ever

  16. 16

  17. 17

  18. 18

  19. 19

  20. 20

  21. 21

  22. 22 My Air Force brother-in-law is coming home for the birth of his son/ my nephew. I'm picking him up from the airport...

  23. 23 How my friends pick me up from the airport.

  24. 24

  25. 25 My welcome home sign for my brother tomorrow at the airport!

  26. 26


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