Funniest Year Book Quotes That Will Crack You Up


We all have filled year books in our life to record and highlights memories of our past years at school. Most of us would have mentioned the prom night, or our victory at a soccer game. But there are a few students who have used the yearbook as an opportunity to flaunt their sense of humor . 


Here we have a list of 20 geniuses who used their yearbooks in a way that will make people remember them for a long time. Don’t miss this collection, it will put a wide smile on your face.  

  1. 1 Savage AF!

  2. 2 Job Well Done!

  3. 3 Priorities change, people change

  4. 4 Gotta hide the yearbook now


  5. 5 It runs in the family..

  6. 6 I'd really tell a Chemistry joke but all the good ones Argon..

  7. 7 I had F-sian friends

  8. 8 Well that's one way to make an announcement

  9. 9 What happened to that wall, Mr. President?

  10. 10 Indeed God works in mysterious ways..

  11. 11 She's going places!

  12. 12 Yes Alex, as simple as that.

  13. 13 You used to call me on my shell phone..

  14. 14 The truth has been spoken!

  15. 15 Markie won't ever be showing the yearbook to her kids

  16. 16 Desperateness level: Helpless!

  17. 17 I need my caption back Hillary!

  18. 18 Fiona has competition

  19. 19 That smile says he did

  20. 20 Only if they took a full body shot for yearbook photos..


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