25 Funniest Product Caution Tags That Will Make You Go ROFL


It is always wise to read instructions before using any product. But, sadly in a fast paced world like ours it is difficult to pause and find time to read boring instructions.

What if the instructions weren’t boring? What if they were witty and downright awesome. I bet you would definitely find it worth your while to check them out. Some creative companies come up with crazy and hilarious instructions that get the message across in a light and lively manner. People don’t only want to read such instructions, they want to share them with others too!


Listed in this post are a bunch of  funny instructions that won’t waste your time or energy; instead you might end up sharing them up with your buddies for a good dosage of laughter. So, the next time you buy something, remember to check out the tag. It might be better than you expected.

Now, scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Eating with chopsticks for the first time

  2. 2 Protect your thing AT ALL TIMES

  3. 3 Be sure you don't wear these underpants on your head

  4. 4 If you need help, find help


  5. 5 Just let your mum do it

  6. 6 "Always wash your b*tt"

  7. 7 It might damage your intestine. Just might...

  8. 8 This shirt is offensive AF

  9. 9 Eliminating all escape routes is a must

  10. 10 Seventh grade memories can be harsh

  11. 11 Don't eat the antenna. It doesn't taste very well.

  12. 12 This bottle gave me realization

  13. 13 Does washing this release radiations?

  14. 14 Please don't be that guy

  15. 15 This T shirt made my day

  16. 16 How many people actually ironed this while wearing the shirt that the caution label was required!

  17. 17 Not on Saturn??

  18. 18 Always squat and keep your ass in shape

  19. 19 So do you consider yourself one?

  20. 20 Be wise and don't slap pandas...

  21. 21 No gender discrimination

  22. 22 This hoodies tag has life instructions

  23. 23 Please do not pass go

  24. 24 As if it wasn't obvious already?

  25. 25 So this is how clothes are made

  26. 26 This shirt gets sick if fed after midnight

  27. 27 This isn't the side that offers best results


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