30+ Funniest Snapchats Where People Having Bad Day


Did you have a really bad day? Did your well planned schedule turn upside down and stick its tongue out at you?

Give yourself a pat on the back, roll your eyes in the most dramatic way possible and take a big nap if you want because life’s not over yet. It was just another ordinary dark day that you’ve successfully managed to survive and you deserve an applause for that.

If that hardcore lecture didn’t make you feel any better then surely these hilarious Snapchats will cheer you up. You’re not the only one having a bad day, there are others who have had it worse.


So get ready to see people posting snaps on their worst days with a tinge of fun and let your sour day turn into a hilarious memory that you’ll enjoy later.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Girl that's the London tower!!

  2. 2 Pretty sure she was drunk

  3. 3 A bucket full of ice

  4. 4 Just about time I should start panicking


  5. 5 My other shit..

  6. 6 International symbol for the freezer's too cold

  7. 7 I would have run out in fear and gone to use the men's room!

  8. 8 I kept calling my friend. He didn't pick up and sent me this...

  9. 9 Life goal accomplished

  10. 10 The police photo bombed me

  11. 11 Been there. Done that!

  12. 12 Someone at the gas station had to suffer for this

  13. 13 New car seats incoming

  14. 14 I have so many questions about this guy's taste in porn

  15. 15 Couldn't have been better

  16. 16 This Coke can will never meet its destiny

  17. 17 Kept snoozing the lotion bottle

  18. 18 This guy will be parked for a very long time now

  19. 19 A typical Monday morning view

  20. 20 The soap is where it should be. It's just in solid state...

  21. 21 Do.. not... panic

  22. 22 There weren't many options to bang into

  23. 23 You've been a bad boy

  24. 24 I'll try again tomorrow

  25. 25 I made a heart as an apology

  26. 26 When the chef takes it literally

  27. 27 Someone will be spending their afternoon on the rooftop all by themselves

  28. 28 Is Euthanasia even a country?

  29. 29 Laundry days can be tough

  30. 30 Luck is just not on my side today

  31. 31 How did it even get there?!

  32. 32 When the wind is stronger than Hulk

  33. 33 Could have predicted that one

  34. 34 Perfect order delivery

  35. 35 The noodles came out as dry as my love life

  36. 36 The "C" feels offended

  37. 37 We don't always get what we wish for

  38. 38 The moment of truth

  39. 39 Yes you are

  40. 40 The Chinese street sellers are more unreliable than my shitty internet connection


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