Feeling Bored? These Photos Will Boost Your Mood


A life hack for people who easily get bored is to stick a laser pointer in front of a cat and sit back and enjoy the fun. However, people who don’t have a cat can do plenty of other things. They can clean their apartment, tidy up their wardrobe or prepare a delcious meal. If these ideas sound too grown up for your taste then what the hell, why don’t you just look at some memes.
That’s got to be a good idea right? Our compilation of memes is specifically tailored for people who are bored out of their mind and want something to boost their mood.

  1. 1 Are you sure?

  2. 2 The idea flashed that it was the most epic Afro style haircut I’ve ever seen

  3. 3 Will you marry me?

  4. 4 Suit for those who love the soup!


  5. 5 Meanwhile in Japan!

  6. 6 They said that I could become anyone. And I became a pineapple

  7. 7 Spring Lady!

  8. 8 Meanwhile in Walmart!

  9. 9 This dress has been voted as the most innovative dress ever.

  10. 10 Can I go with a thigh high 420 ftw!

  11. 11 Santa's pulling double duty this year.

  12. 12 Nom Nom Nom!

  13. 13 Under the reliable protection of the stormtrooper

  14. 14 face swap

  15. 15 Darth Vader got conquered by Hello Kitty!

  16. 16 This Is Just a Middle-Aged Man Dressed as a Japanese Schoolgirl

  17. 17 Do you spend a lot of time on the subway? Feel at home in the spring pink robe!

  18. 18 Breast feeding device for dads. Woeful simply Woeful!

  19. 19 Who's Down for Some Horseplay?

  20. 20 Stripes - think it's nice with a bit of haute couture in the bicycle sector


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