Fashion Illustrator Creates Gorgeous Dress Designs Using Everyday Objects


Imagine if you could wear a dress made out of a cabbage? Won’t the textures be incredible? Or perhaps some berries? We bet the color combination of some raspberries with black berries would be just perfect don’t you agree?  To give you a profound idea, Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis playfully combines his pencil-drawn fashion illustrations with real life, miscellaneous objects. He proves that when it comes to fashion design, inspiration can come from anywhere — even your kitchen as well.

From a Nutella dress to paper clip garments, Edgar’s ideas give a new perspective to the things we see every day!  And that’s probably the reason he has gathered his impressive 760,000 following on Instagram. If you’re not following him yet, we promise you that you won’t regret it. Look up “Edgar Artis” and prepare to be astonished. Scroll on to see some of his mind-blowing work in the list below and you’ll get to know why we are betting on him! Enjoy peeps!


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