37 Eye-Opening Behind the Scene Photos That Will Reveal the Secrets of Movie Making


We have all watched iconic movies such as Avengers infinity war, black panther, mamma mia and others that were blockbusters of 2018. However, we have never wondered how the magic comes to life in these movies.

You’ll be surprised to learn that many of the awesome action scenes that you see in remote locations on screens are actually all shot in the studio. The directors, producers, the camera crew and all the actors come together to create the magical visuals by using modern production technology.


Listed up in this post are 37 eye-opening photos from the sets of the best movies.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 Hollow man(2000). After/before VFX Science fiction film/Thriller

  2. 2 Jurassic World: Attention to every little detail was important

  3. 3 Avengers: Infinity War, just put a few sensors on your face to make Thanos’s suit.

  4. 4 Aquaman: The villain forces were actual human body suits.


  5. 5 Avengers; Infinity War: How the climax scene was actually shot.

  6. 6 Starwars: Moving the robot around was a designated job.

  7. 7 The Lord of the Rings: Even Gandalf needs them notes.

  8. 8 Hugh Jackman and crew preparing for a scene in "X-men: Days of future past"

  9. 9 Titanic: The famous scene where the ship breaks into two parts.

  10. 10 Avengers: Infinity War: Thanos having some off screen fun with Mr. Tony Stark.

  11. 11 Deadpool 2, However, Josh Brolin had to endure a less pleasant procedure before that.

  12. 12 Black Panther: Two important supporting figures from Wakanda posing together.

  13. 13 Avengers: Infinity War: The two different eras of Gamora.

  14. 14 Mamma Mia: Some behind the scenes pouting lessons.

  15. 15 Avengers: Infinity War: Spiderman caught between two Guardians of the Galaxy.

  16. 16 Black Panther: King of Wakanda and the Rocket Raccoon

  17. 17 Ant-Man and the Wasp: An all black cast doing some off screen posing.

  18. 18 Mammia Mia: Because who doesn't want a picture with the legendary actress.

  19. 19 A Star Is Born: When Bradley Cooper first gets impressed by the talent this unknown girl possesses.

  20. 20 Bohemian Rhapsody: Rami Malek and rest of the crew right before they wrapped the final shot.

  21. 21 The Kissing Booth: When you get a little too tired from the hectic shooting schedule.

  22. 22 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Special effects in Fantastic Animals. We would have preferred not to know

  23. 23 Annihilation: Foggy mornings in South Americans jungle during the shooting.

  24. 24 Avengers: Infinity War: Another reason why Tony should be scared of his wife.

  25. 25 Star Wars: Just some shooting practice behind cardboard castles before the actual showdown starts.

  26. 26 Tomb Raider: Lara Croft going through her tough routine right before going Tomb hunting.

  27. 27 Aquaman: Repairing some waterproof gadgets for the Aquaman himself.

  28. 28 The Predator: The ultimate warrior from an outer world arriving to feast on its prey.

  29. 29 Taxi 5: One of the most famous car stunts from Taxi 5, an enjoyable sight for any car enthusiast.

  30. 30 Jurassic World: Kissing should be banned in the park.

  31. 31 Fantastic Beasts: The director trying to explain the emotions he requires from the character.

  32. 32 Newt is going to grab Dumbledore’s glove and reappear on the roof.

  33. 33 The building of Lothlórien. '' The Lord of the Rings ''

  34. 34 Brad Pitt is surprised at the special effects in Deadpool 2.

  35. 35 Harry Potter. Hagrid and his funny ride moving all around Hogwarts.

  36. 36 Michael Jordan filming Space Jam: Never expected Bugs Bunny would look like this in real.

  37. 37 Interstellar: The tesseract scene where multiple eras are shown in the same shot.


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