Expectations Vs Reality (36 Hilarious Comparisons)


With social media integrated so much in our lives, we should really try hard to manage our expectations by keeping them well intact or else life will serve us with disappointment. We know that it’s quite hard not to feel bad or get inspired by totally unreachable ideals and unrealistic expectations that are impossible for us to achieve especially when we are scrolling through our news feed where others seem so much happier.


To start up your laugh meter, we have listed in this post 30 hilarious comparisons of expectations vs. reality photos that we bet will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Try to manage your expectations for a few days at the very least and then see the difference in your life.

  1. 1 99% of people do it with a straight face

  2. 2 Must have had a hot mother

  3. 3 Problem of every teenager

  4. 4 Home made hot chocolate can't match the fancy one


  5. 5 When you skip squats

  6. 6 Nobody would want me with these

  7. 7 Gotta show those muscles. Oh wait, I don't have any!

  8. 8 She had me on the first smile

  9. 9 There's too many travelers

  10. 10 Do girls find Mr. Bean hot?

  11. 11 Friendship goals

  12. 12 I am gonna get more sleep this year

  13. 13 Expectations really suck at times

  14. 14 Fat face November

  15. 15 Not so cute now eh?

  16. 16 Power naps are the best

  17. 17 You need a face to go with the haircut

  18. 18 Gotta lose some layers I guess

  19. 19 The struggle is real

  20. 20 Bet you don't feel like the smart one now

  21. 21 The pussy is staring at me

  22. 22 When I get a haircut myself vs when I get the one that my dad wants

  23. 23 You would have never have seen a flatter dress

  24. 24 All about those cups

  25. 25 The wedding got ruined

  26. 26 The real cat woman

  27. 27 They Photoshop these before marketing

  28. 28 Not to worn by oversize women

  29. 29 Fancy vs basic

  30. 30 Which one do women want?

  31. 31 Iron it and it'll be fine

  32. 32 When mum cooks it vs when I cook it

  33. 33 Guess I'm not hot enough


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