Epic Photoshop Fails That Turn The Resulting Work Into a Disaster


They say Photoshop can do magic. True that! But you need a keen eye to work the magic of Photoshop. Otherwise you’ll end up with senseless images that make no sense. In an ideal world, these photos should never make their way to the mainstream media being blocked by either quality assurance or a keen eyed manager. But the world is not ideal, and we see many of these Photoshop misses in magazines papers and online photos. 


Some of these images are quite hilarious. Listed in this post are some epic Photoshop fails that turn the resulting work into a complete disaster. 

  1. 1 When you want all the snacks at once

  2. 2 Looks like the handbag is also a secret

  3. 3 The reflection just reduced this SD Card's memory

  4. 4 When you take a "flat belly" too seriously


  5. 5 When you're so happy your legs disappear

  6. 6 Twisted fingers are the new trend

  7. 7 He skips leg day for the other one

  8. 8 When your friend leaves but his hand is always there to support you

  9. 9 Her guy forgot his hand

  10. 10 Add more babies to the picture guys!

  11. 11 Somebody tell this guy about the Photoshop scam

  12. 12 Hands, hands, everywhere

  13. 13 I think Kim has super powers

  14. 14 This Magical T-shirt

  15. 15 The father has more responsibility, so more hands?

  16. 16 He has BIG friends

  17. 17 Damn those legs are sleak

  18. 18 Suspender game not very strong

  19. 19 This team has really shady fans

  20. 20 Oh Crap! She's about to eat her!


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