30 Epic Cake Fails That Will Make You Laugh


We see a lot of yummilicious cakes posted on social media day in day out, and these enticing pictures tempt some people to attempt baking similar cakes in their own kitchen. Of Course not everyone is good at baking, so often these experiments don’t work out well. 

In this post we have listed up hilarious photos of failed cake baking experiments. 


Share this post with all the aspiring bakers in your list, They’ll find this post highly relatable. Keep experimenting peeps, you’ll get there eventually!

  1. 1 Olaf doesn't look really happy

  2. 2 From princess to villain in no time

  3. 3 I wanted a cake that looked like my cat...it was a fail but it’s still pretty cute.

  4. 4 Guess I should quit baking now


  5. 5 Tailor made for a dentist

  6. 6 Guess the Disney princess

  7. 7 This cake's sure to give you a buzz...

  8. 8 Guess my cake needs dental care

  9. 9 It's a gum-my flavor

  10. 10 If Cinderella featured in The Simpsons

  11. 11 Focus on the towers

  12. 12 Not proud of the Mickey I made

  13. 13 This cake is Lit

  14. 14 Pretty sure that's not what Emma would look like

  15. 15 This cake entertains two kids at once

  16. 16 Cookie Monster

  17. 17 Glad they didn't attempt on baking the face

  18. 18 Facial Expressions loading

  19. 19 Ba Na Na?

  20. 20 Could use a little extra tan

  21. 21 Chocolaty Chewbacca

  22. 22 Let's play a game

  23. 23 Butcher's birthday

  24. 24 Santa needs a diet plan

  25. 25 Happy St. Patrick's day!

  26. 26 Fair attempt? I don't think so

  27. 27 Going for a bunny I suppose?

  28. 28 Pretty Chicks? More like Creepy Chicks

  29. 29 When you're low on resources but still gotta bake

  30. 30 Spongebob's givine me the eyes


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