30 Epic Facebook Fails That Will Make You Go ROLF


Many people don’t think at all before they speak, and so they end up making hilarious blunders in public that can never be taken back or reversed. Others do the same thing on digital media, they think after they’ve typed and posted much to the amusement of the digital community.

These blunders can’t fully be erased either thanks to screenshots. Even if you delete the actual post, the screenshots stay forever.

So be careful how you speak folks both in real life and in the digital world.


Listed in this post are some of the most hilarious Facebook Fails ever. These people seriously need to take a step back and think a little before uploading their posts.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. You’ll be surely laughing out loud once you finish this list.

  1. 1 So much for punctuation

  2. 2 Don't be this mommy

  3. 3 When they serve you pork and you assume it's a Lion

  4. 4 So salmon kills humans now


  5. 5 I want what this guy's smoking

  6. 6 God bless Jesus

  7. 7 This is why General Knowledge matters

  8. 8 When two dumb minds meet, the outcome is wonderfully hilarious

  9. 9 8th graders these days be like

  10. 10 Somebody needs to think twice before putting up a status

  11. 11 Look who's talking

  12. 12 They did not "no" where to go

  13. 13 He'd have turned in his grave

  14. 14 That part of the semester isn't here yet

  15. 15 It's almost the same

  16. 16 I feel sorry for this child

  17. 17 "It makin noises"

  18. 18 Miranda got roasted like a turkey

  19. 19 But Tomato is a fruit...

  20. 20 The first comment was on the prank team

  21. 21 When were text messages invented?

  22. 22 Mr. Strachan teaching his daughter how to be savage AF

  23. 23 The Austrians won't be too happy about this

  24. 24 Nature and it's wonders

  25. 25 It's called the Pound sign...

  26. 26 When you skip History class too often

  27. 27 I mean what kinda ship bumps into an ice-berg and drowns??

  28. 28 That escalated quickly

  29. 29 Feminist burn of the day


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