33 Designers Who Must Be Fired after Doing Their Job


While we regularly show some marvelous and creative ideas by genius designers, today’s post is at the opposite end of the spectrum; today we present to you hilarious and ridiculous designs. Don’t know if these were honest erroneous mistakes or these blunders were intentional, either way, these designers made a mess of their work.


Listed below are 33 bizarre and absolutely ridiculous designs, so scroll down peeps and you will most definitely agree with us that these guys don’t deserve their jobs and they should be fired. Some of these are very funny and will make you laugh out loud.

  1. 1 This washroom is not filled with water

  2. 2 The designer of this cup had coin like fingers

  3. 3 Kids love pandas!

  4. 4 The designer who didn't attended the privacy class


  5. 5 Certainly a wonderful view

  6. 6 A standing stick in the middle of the matrimonial bed?

  7. 7 These Coffin-Shaped Door Windows In This Hospital

  8. 8 Its traditional

  9. 9 A reverse clock?

  10. 10 I hope he knows from where water is coming

  11. 11 Ahhh not so safe hotel

  12. 12 I wonder which boys need these

  13. 13 Double meaning design

  14. 14 SpoilersNew Last Jedi action figure hints at Snoke's true identityspoiler

  15. 15 When the ATM was only installed for tall people

  16. 16 Ikea Fail!

  17. 17 A sneaky gradener

  18. 18 Thats a Wasp

  19. 19 Yea, right on top of each other should work.

  20. 20 The real intentions have been revealed

  21. 21 When you dont want to waste the space

  22. 22 The right place to make a hole

  23. 23 The place where no one would like to eat

  24. 24 I would probably not eat Jessica's family

  25. 25 The mirror in one of Italy's hotel

  26. 26 Don't be happy!

  27. 27 These are printed ants on the table

  28. 28 Wasting a third of the staircase

  29. 29 That's marble

  30. 30 Who thought glass bathroom stalls would be a good idea!

  31. 31 Designed for crap.

  32. 32 Vegas at its best

  33. 33 Not the best place for a straw


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