20+ Funny Photos of Epic Birthday Fails


Most people spend days even months planning out their birthday. Loving friends and family may even order customized cakes for them and plan a surprise birthday bash. However, things never really happen as they’re supposed to. No matter how much you plan, shit happens. You just gotta suck it up and deal with it.

In fact do yourself a favor and laugh at all that goes wrong. It’ll make your day so much better than sulking about all the things that didn’t go right.


Do you know someone who had a bad birthday? Show them this list of birthday fail photos. At least they have it better than these people!

Scroll on and enjoy folks.

  1. 1 It's the hand for heaven's sack control your mind!!

  2. 2 That's a human being she's feeding

  3. 3 Who wants birthday cake?

  4. 4 She's still got her style


  5. 5 Talk about bad luck

  6. 6 Pooping on kids shouldn't be allowed

  7. 7 Guess they'll never forget the 16th

  8. 8 My granny's awesome!

  9. 9 Not the best time to reveal secrets

  10. 10 The toenail will be your prize

  11. 11 The Junkie cake

  12. 12 When your friend's as lazy as this

  13. 13 Had to be unique

  14. 14 Show some chicken love this birthday

  15. 15 She got free hair treatment on her birthday

  16. 16 Best of luck for the 2th

  17. 17 Holy Shit!

  18. 18 What does a 1 y/o know about cakes anyway

  19. 19 It has to be sweet even if it isn't cake

  20. 20 So the bakery closed by the time we got there

  21. 21 We did a bonfire in the kitchen for mum's birthday

  22. 22 Honey you've got a little something here

  23. 23 And out it pops

  24. 24 He said he wanted ice cream instead of cake

  25. 25 When your mom has no idea about how to make cake

  26. 26 Daddy knows best

  27. 27 She had it coming

  28. 28 That's the scariest clown I have ever seen

  29. 29 It's a tower...


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