Enough Internet For Today – Volume 4


Technology is as intelligent as the user itself. And since almost everyone can contribute online, you get to see a lot of weird stuff posted online. It’s not even funny, it is just horrible. Perhaps it is someone’s idea of twisted humor.

In this post, we’ll show you pictures that’ll make you feel like you have had enough of internet. These pictures are so senseless and so absurd that they’ll make you doubt the intellect of humanity itself.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Not your average face swap

  2. 2 When your AC at home is broken

  3. 3 This creepy illusion!

  4. 4 Did you figured it out?


  5. 5 A bird or a doggo?

  6. 6 The face of regret

  7. 7 When you marry a gardener

  8. 8 Holy smokes. Imagine if it's an overnight flight and waking up to the face look at you...

  9. 9 The world needs a little more Nicolas Cage animals!

  10. 10 Weird Spider Woman

  11. 11 Just taking my pet vacuum for a walk

  12. 12 He fell in love with the pole

  13. 13 When Pepsi finds out you like Coca Cola

  14. 14 Ready for the Halloween

  15. 15 The FATman

  16. 16 NIColas blanket

  17. 17 A lovely date

  18. 18 A new breed of animal in Russia

  19. 19 The riding horse

  20. 20 Low budget flight simulator

  21. 21 How to scare children

  22. 22 When you drink too much on a saturday night

  23. 23 Freakiest eye swap you will ever see

  24. 24 The stool I would not like to sit on

  25. 25 Saw this at work

  26. 26 What is she trying to do...?

  27. 27 Ignore her feet

  28. 28 Fully sportive

  29. 29 Secret head quarter of Illuminati

  30. 30 Do NOT bend over during a panoramic...

  31. 31 Literally


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