Enough Internet for Today – Volume 3


If you are bored and want to have a good laugh then this is the post for you. We all know geeks and nerds in our social circle who know how to make people laugh without caring about what anybody thinks of them, so kudos to these weirdoes for making our day. Internet is full of such crazy stuff by these kind of crazy people, these guys use Photoshop, face swap and whatever they can get to present the super crazy version of themselves.


Listed below are 25 of the weirdest pictures you might have ever seen. So scroll down peeps and enjoy these idiots with their creepy sense of humor.

  1. 1 When you have to stop yourself from over eating

  2. 2 Tie up your hands

  3. 3 Behold, Steve Jobs' head in a pot

  4. 4 Two amusing eyes were not enough already


  5. 5 When you dont know when to keep quiet

  6. 6 Not sure which one is the burger

  7. 7 New post "Creepy Potato Guy Farts in Soup Hot Tub"

  8. 8 New undergarments advertisement?

  9. 9 Just replace it with your real one

  10. 10 The prince of doll houses

  11. 11 Glitch in real life

  12. 12 Chicken birthday

  13. 13 Small Child Or Drunk Person?

  14. 14 When popcorn is life!

  15. 15 Get a chance to blow your head

  16. 16 Doll Sandwich

  17. 17 Ready for dinner

  18. 18 How did he put his head in there

  19. 19 Trump or Bieber

  20. 20 Uncomfortable fingers

  21. 21 How girls wear heels

  22. 22 Thats why I have trust issues

  23. 23 When you only enjoy yourself

  24. 24 Talking Chair

  25. 25 If Spongebob was a human

  26. 26 Weird face painting

  27. 27 Funny looking seal

  28. 28 How to carry yourself

  29. 29 Watch Closely

  30. 30 Drog


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