Enough Internet For Today (35 Hilariously Bizarre Photos)


“That’s Enough Internet for Today” is an expression typically used in comment sections of online communities to highlight the disturbing, bizarre or offensive nature of an odd media content uploaded by random people.

You know folks, whatever the case may be sometimes it’s okay to admit defeat at the hands of the internet. So, take your hand off the mouse, stand up and scream “that’s enough internets for today!” Don’t worry; you can come back in five minutes to peek on our collection because this post has got a lot of weird stuff.


But, a word of caution before you proceed further my friends, make sure you want to see what’s coming next because once you see it, your brain may give you nightmares for forever *wink*.

Listed up in this post are 35 hilariously bizarre photos that will make you doubt the intellect of humanity itself. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 I better report at the police station

  2. 2 When you don't use your brain to think

  3. 3 Mother of all face swaps

  4. 4 The artworks I produce in my free time


  5. 5 Size 0.000

  6. 6 My kitty deserves an Oscar

  7. 7 Brit-Knee

  8. 8 When you love with dogs all the time

  9. 9 Beach bean

  10. 10 Like father like son

  11. 11 This cat with prosthetic human hands!!

  12. 12 This shall be done before we land

  13. 13 Vegan art

  14. 14 Horror story

  15. 15 Rango's time to get high

  16. 16 Got these new shade from the mall today

  17. 17 Gives me a good chuckle every time

  18. 18 When the cat sees you naked for the first time

  19. 19 You just really had to look sometimes...

  20. 20 My buddy snapped a picture of this on his way to work

  21. 21 Killed with one shot

  22. 22 Run as fast as you can

  23. 23 Multitasking done right

  24. 24 Environment friendly hairstyle

  25. 25 After face swap, let me present the packaging swap

  26. 26 It's a beany beach day

  27. 27 Looking for some strange ideas

  28. 28 Talk to the forehead

  29. 29 Its time for a foamy shower

  30. 30 Face swap of the day

  31. 31 When you love dolphins so much you become one

  32. 32 Time for a potato bath

  33. 33 Please tell me they're friends

  34. 34 Aiming big

  35. 35 Plot twist


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