31 Embarrassing Movie Mistakes That You Probably Never Noticed Before


Movie-making is not an easy job. Film industries spend thousands of dollars to make a perfect movie for the viewers. The producers must impress a large audience so they always do their best.

However, things do not always go the expected way. Movie-lovers are highly skilled at picking out mistakes in the films. Even a tiny change in a character’s appearance or the position of an object is usually noticed by people.

We’ve collected 31 photos showing embarrassing movie mistakes that you may have overlooked. From Gladiator to Ted to Titanic – this list is full of blockbuster movies.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

    Gimli's sword appeared to be well sharpened and shined in one shot while it was in very bad condition if you rewind a few seconds.

  2. 2 The Avengers

    The car bumper seemed to have gotten a denting job in between shots. Thor was supposed to grab the car from the dented part but the dent somehow got misplaced at the exact frame.

  3. 3 The Usual Suspects

    In the initial shot when the plane takes off, you can see the front-facing shot where the plane has all four engines. Whereas a few seconds, the airplane seems to have dropped 2 of its engines midair. 

  4. 4 Forrest Gump


    This specific scene from Forest Gump shows the iron placed in two different positions between back to back shots.

  5. 5 Gladiator

    Gladiator was based on a story from Roman times. However, an air plain seems to have appeared in this frame, way ahead of its time.

  6. 6 American Sniper

    The director and editor of American Sniper seemed to have missed some details here. Bradley Cooper is holding a doll here, portraying it as a real infant.

  7. 7 Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Arnold's jacket is shown to have taken serious damage in a fight sequence. However, it gets magically repaired in the same fight sequence.

  8. 8 Inglourious Basterds

    This silly mistake from Inglorious Bastards must have caught many eyes. The batch on villain's German uniform seems to have changed sides by itself.

  9. 9 Aladdin

    Tiger from Aladin tears a part of clothing from the trouser. Yet, the cloth in his mouth matches the print on the victim's boxers.

  10. 10 Terminator 3

    One of the most important scenes of Terminator 3 contains this childish mistake. The registration number on the airplane magically changes.

  11. 11 Tarzan

    Tarzan's wound disappears during a fight sequence with Sher Khan in the final scenes of the movie.

  12. 12 Titanic

    Titanic has been shown to be sinking from different angles in this sequence. However, the disappeared areas are different at different points of the sequence.

  13. 13 Pirates of the Caribbean

    During Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the black pearl, you can see a crew member chilling in the background. 

  14. 14 Pretty Woman

    Julia Roberts doesn't seem to care about what she eats for breakfast. Here, a croissant changes to a pancake.

  15. 15 Ted

    Mark Wahlberg is holding the phone upside down in this shot. Funny enough, he manages to give the real expressions.

  16. 16 Alien

    The shape of this Alien's body changes almost completely when the camera angle changes. The shape is just like a human hand in the start while it changes to a round shape later on.

  17. 17 Marie Antoinette

    Snickers from the current era appear in the background while the movie is based in the 18th century.

  18. 18 Titanic

    There is a notable welding mistake in Titanic. The two grills have a separation between them in one shot. Whereas in another shot, they seemed to be joined together.

  19. 19 Avatar

    Avatar was based in a fictional world, however, you can see earthly mountains in the background.

  20. 20 Twilight

    If you watch a movie carefully, you can often see the reflection of the camera in a car window.  This mistake is often done by movie makers.

  21. 21 The Dark Knight

    Heartbeat measuring equipment disappears from Harvey Dent's finger in the following shot.

  22. 22 Jaws

    In this horror-filled sequence from Jaws, this junior artist seems to be having the time of his life.

  23. 23 The Avengers

    Captain America’s suit gets damaged during the movie, The Avengers, but then, in a later scene, it shows no signs of damage.

  24. 24 Wild

    You can see the film crew in the eye of the horse in movie Wild .

  25. 25 Braveheart

    A white vehicle can be seen behind the army riding horses in Braveheart. 

  26. 26 Titanic

    In Titanic, Rose seems to have hit Jack's hand instead of the pipe. 

  27. 27 X-Men 2

    The color of the folder changed from white to blue. 

  28. 28 Ocean’s Eleven

    Brad Pitt was carrying a glass then a plate in the same scene. 

  29. 29 American Pie

    The cup changed from blue to clear in American Pie. 

  30. 30 I Am Legend

    The wound switches from right shoulder to the left shoulder of Will Smith. 

  31. 31 Starwars

    Stormtrooper (on the far right) banged his head on the door


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