Don’t Park Here: 30 Hilarious Dramatic Parking Stories


Parking a vehicle isn’t rocket science. However, aside from the initial driver’s test, it’s really surprising to see that for some people parking the car is quite a difficult task. It either sends them into a panic or shuts down their brain completely. Did you just face palm yourself because you could relate to this a little too much? Well then, you’re not alone.

In this post, we have listed 30 hilariously dramatic parking stories that will make you laugh out loud. We bet, nobody has ever failed at parking quite like these people.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 There's a reason for the no parking sign

  2. 2 Not what they really meant

  3. 3 When she says she's home alone

  4. 4 Just took my car for a walk


  5. 5 Horny automobiles

  6. 6 Have you ever seen anyone put so much effort in not getting a ticket?

  7. 7 Found at local uni, bumpers touching and all

  8. 8 This is what happens when you take up two spaces.

  9. 9 This woman was pissed about my parking job.

  10. 10 German city of Karlsruhe just issued a parking ticket to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm for one of his bent car sculptures.

  11. 11 My neighbour is a god of parallel parking.

  12. 12 There were no available parking spaces when i arrived-and therefore i parked my car on top of yours

  13. 13 Revenge of the garbage men

  14. 14 Welp, guess I’m not going anywhere tonight.

  15. 15 Cars parked across from massive building fire

  16. 16 Bravo

  17. 17 How Costco deals with major idiot

  18. 18 Feels like there might have been an easier way to get this message across

  19. 19 An a**hole taking up 3 parking spaces.

  20. 20 Today, On Unsolved Mysteries...

  21. 21 I was checking the off road features

  22. 22 “Forward a bit… forward a bit… bum.”

  23. 23 Next level a**hole parking.

  24. 24 Parallel Parking Gone Wrong

  25. 25 Parking on the ice.

  26. 26 Throwback to bullies in school

  27. 27 When your friend says there's enough space to park!

  28. 28 This isn't how multifloored parking works

  29. 29 Found the perfect spot

  30. 30 Just a word of advice


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