Do Not Park Here: 30 Passive Aggressive Reactions to Wrong Parking


We all have those moments when something annoys us, but we decide to just let it go and move on. Then there are other moments when something annoys us so much that we just can’t keep it to ourselves anymore. For the latter category of people, passive-aggressive notes are the best remedy. Instead of getting visibly angry, express your hostility in passive-aggressive notes because they are designed to hurt and confuse your target. And you know the best part? No one will ever catch you what so ever *wink wink*. But, Friends! Still be cautious and be prepared for someone to strike back though with some sarcastic sticky notes as you know karma is everywhere and what goes around comes around too!


In this post, we have listed 30 passive-aggressive reactions of people to wrong parking. We bet they will definitely put a smile on your face. Scroll on to see them for yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Bad parking doesn't go unpunished where I work

  2. 2 Justice is served.

  3. 3 I hope sarcasm isn't lost on him.

  4. 4 That is one creative punishment.


  5. 5 I think he got the message.

  6. 6 Going through all that trouble for a clown car.

  7. 7 Someone must have been in a really bad mood to go that far.

  8. 8 The irony.

  9. 9 Did he just have that tape lying around?

  10. 10 Owning a fancy car doesn't mean you can park it anywhere.

  11. 11 The letter was polite enough.

  12. 12 The last part must have really hurt.

  13. 13 Can I order these cards online?

  14. 14 I wouldn't have been so nice.

  15. 15 I feel sorry for the guy who has to park in either of the spaces after him.

  16. 16 He must feel like a total ass.

  17. 17 Finding that on your windshield must suck.

  18. 18 Friendly neighborhood spiderman.

  19. 19 Bad Parking Consequences

  20. 20 How to fix a bad parking job

  21. 21 When it hurts, but you love coloring.

  22. 22 That won't come off easy.

  23. 23 What in the world was that guy thinking?

  24. 24 Death by a thousand sticky notes.

  25. 25 Their parking sense is garbage.

  26. 26 Ain't no getting out of that one.

  27. 27 Leashed.

  28. 28 For humanity's sake.

  29. 29 Revenge is best served cold.

  30. 30 It's great to see the community come together.


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