Disney Princesses in Anime Style (21 Photos)


Raise your hands if you don’t love Disney princesses. We all swoon over our childhood Disney royalties, at least most of us do. Many artists have reimagined our favorite Disney characters that go against Disney ideals. They have created Disney princesses into 21st-century teens or even as pirates, they have merged many Disney tales with famous action movies and they have even given Halloween style make-overs to our favorite Disney side-kicks.

If you’re a fanatic for Disney princesses and anime, you must have wonder once or twice about what would happen if east met west in the world of Disney? How would your favorite Disney characters carry anime or manga style?  Well, this post will give you a profound idea because we have listed 21 gorgeous illustrations of Disney’s famous princesses in anime style. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!


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  1. 1 Sleeping Beauty Aurora

  2. 2 Rapunzel

  3. 3 Snow Queen Elsa

  4. 4 Cinderella


  5. 5 Belle The Beauty

  6. 6 Princess Anna

  7. 7 Snow White

  8. 8 The Little Mermaid Ariel

  9. 9 Brave Princess Merida

  10. 10 Mulan The Great Warrior Of China

  11. 11 Pocahontas

  12. 12 Aladdin's Jasmine

  13. 13 Alice In Wonderland

  14. 14 Kida Of Atlantis

  15. 15 Frog Princess Tiana

  16. 16 Princess Giselle

  17. 17 Jane Porter From Tarzan

  18. 18 Esmeralda

  19. 19 Megara

  20. 20 Rapunzel, Tangled

  21. 21 Boa Hancock


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