Artist Draw Disney Characters in Destroyed Reality Where We Live in Today


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jeff Hogg is an amazing American animation storyboard artist who currently lives in New York City. He has worked as an animation artist on widely popular films like Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan and the Emperor’s new groove.

A 90s kid would know about all the Disney characters and perfect endings of the Disney movies with their happily ever after, however actual life is very different and the world of reality is harsh, this artist who himself is a huge fan of Disney movies depicts this reality in his own unique way. He shows that had those characters been present today they would have been shocked to see that the real world isn’t that fairy tale like after all. He titles this collection as “unhappily ever after “as opposite to happily ever after.


To get more information about him, visit the following links: Twitter| Jeff Hong

Listed below in this posts are 23 depictions of Disney character in real word. Scroll down peeps and enjoy.

  1. 1 Welcome to the real world, Mowgli

  2. 2 It is not the China Mulan once knew

  3. 3 No flying carpets allowed?

  4. 4 Sebastian entered the hot waters


  5. 5 Lightning McQueen lost the thunder

  6. 6 The hunt never stopped

  7. 7 Caught in the middle

  8. 8 Do my parents work here? I hope not.

  9. 9 101 cages

  10. 10 Cinderella's waiting for a miracle

  11. 11 Bambi being someone's prize

  12. 12 Precautions are necessary in all worlds

  13. 13 Remy belongs in the kitchen only, not here.

  14. 14 So Dumbo's story didn't end very well...

  15. 15 Stich, Nani and Lilo are looking for a new home. Let us know if you find something suitable.

  16. 16 If Ariel lived in the world of today

  17. 17 Princess Elsa's nightmare came true. Bye Bye Olaf!

  18. 18 Simba entertaining visitors at the zoo

  19. 19 Pocahontas trying their luck at some poker

  20. 20 When you realize the police doesn't allow your regular way of going home in the city

  21. 21 The prince needed more than just his charms to get this beauty.

  22. 22 Esmeralda is on the run

  23. 23 I hid some honey around here. Has anyone seen it? 🙁


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