Difference Between Men and Women (34 Funny Memes)


Men and women may complement each other, but they’re poles apart!

They eat differently, they think differently, and they even live differently. While women spend hours fussing over the color of their clothes and the right accessories, most men will walk out the door in the first decent shirt they see in their closet. That is just one example of the countless differences between men and women.


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  1. 1 Guys keep it basic

  2. 2 Men are never good with colors

  3. 3 Barber vs Hair stylist

  4. 4 Beyond imperfections


  5. 5 Eye to eye. No hidden thoughts.

  6. 6 It's a struggle for both

  7. 7 Fashion vision vs X-ray vision

  8. 8 Its all about priorities

  9. 9 Poor men

  10. 10 Gains or slim fits?

  11. 11 The difference a pair of breasts can make

  12. 12 Being organized is an art

  13. 13 Time works differently for each

  14. 14 Brand consciousness

  15. 15 Women are obviously more hygienic

  16. 16 And the list goes on

  17. 17 Shopping cheap is an art that only women can master

  18. 18 The baby's gonna catch a cold soon

  19. 19 Wing-men vs wing-girls

  20. 20 Re bonding takes ages for women

  21. 21 Men only want one thing

  22. 22 Don't blame it all on the boys

  23. 23 A thunder strike vs cold breeze

  24. 24 Panicking is only for women

  25. 25 It's a butt fest afterall

  26. 26 Attention to detail matters more for the ladies

  27. 27 Your bitches shall always stay close

  28. 28 Well explained

  29. 29 Compliments shall be entertained with feedback

  30. 30 The awkward boner ruins it all

  31. 31 There should be a degree on this

  32. 32 Hard work does pay off in the end

  33. 33 Fair comparison

  34. 34 All about self confidence


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