30 Funny Dads Who are Winning At Parenting


In most families, the dad is the fun parent. He’s the one that you do all the crazy stuff with. He’ll take risks with you that will scare your mom like anything. That’s what makes it so much fun to have a cool dad.


In this post, we have listed 30 awesome photos of dads that are acing parenting 101. They’re fun, crazy and downright awesome. Scroll on and enjoy peeps, the photos in this list may remind you of some fond memories with your own dad.

  1. 1 This is something my Dad would have done to me

  2. 2 Quality father son time.

  3. 3 Its not easy to be a father of two girls.

  4. 4 Chris Hemsworth is also a great dad, and not just as Thor.


  5. 5 Taking family photos to the next level

  6. 6 Parenting win

  7. 7 It must be a trend cause this dad is winning at it too

  8. 8 He carried his kid all the way up the mountain. Parenting at its finest

  9. 9 My parent's 18th birthday cake to me...

  10. 10 A dad would do anything to keep her kids happy

  11. 11 Oh, your dad is a cop with a shotgun, huge muscles, and tattoos? Wait till he sees my death stare.

  12. 12 Little fun time with his daughters

  13. 13 May be he was just way too excited

  14. 14 Wonderful father, daughter picnic time

  15. 15 Being a father of little girls

  16. 16 Super hero dad

  17. 17 Being your daughter's Fairy

  18. 18 Dads never run out of ideas

  19. 19 Go for shopping with your dad, they said, it would be fun they said

  20. 20 Make up tutorials with his daughter

  21. 21 Halloweens are always fun for dads

  22. 22 They both are really close to eachother

  23. 23 The Superhero Dad

  24. 24 The world's fastest dad

  25. 25 Getting ready together to go out

  26. 26 Making hair is not a easy job

  27. 27 A classy tea party with his princess

  28. 28 The patient one

  29. 29 This dad do everything with her daughter

  30. 30 Riding a unicycle while pushing his daughter in a stroller. Parenting win

  31. 31

  32. 32 When Dad Protests Water Prices

  33. 33 Call me a bad dad will you!!!


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