37 Curious Photos That Will Raise A Lot of Questions in Your Head


Do you have a curious mind? If so, you’re going to enjoy this post.

You’ll find plenty of hilarious and absurd mysteries to puzzle your mind here.  For instance, look at the 11th picture. How is that even possible? They’re both different types of trees!

Each photo listed in this post demands a background story. Without an explanation, the photos seem both absurd and senseless.


Good luck scrolling through and deciphering what is actually going on.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Gotta help it heal

  2. 2 Poor chicken

  3. 3 When you can't feel your tongue

  4. 4 Hello, God. Can you send me some brains?


  5. 5 This man has some serious baggage

  6. 6 I was driving behind this Stag party!!

  7. 7 Master Medius, Lord of the Streets

  8. 8 Tony Stark is not the same

  9. 9 Carrying some extra baggage

  10. 10 Just got back from the jungle war

  11. 11 Tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower today, it went surprisingly well!

  12. 12 That's the coolest thing I have seen an animal do

  13. 13 Jumanji is real

  14. 14 He bearly qualifies for the carpool lane.

  15. 15 Party in the jungle is Dope AF

  16. 16 When you buy a sports car but your parents still don't get it

  17. 17 ‘Pikachu' got nabbed for pickpocketing...!!

  18. 18 Why so Calm?

  19. 19 The green Van

  20. 20 Please! Stop Him

  21. 21 The Dragon Owl

  22. 22 He is wearing only the Sock

  23. 23 Cons Rain

  24. 24 So how are you liking the weather?

  25. 25 Don't know what that is but it's sad

  26. 26 The new ultrabook every college student needs.

  27. 27 When they don't invite you

  28. 28 My Australian parrot achieved something today

  29. 29 Nice pictu... Oh Wait!!

  30. 30 How? WHY?

  31. 31 Explain this shit

  32. 32 What an ass kicking symphony

  33. 33 Creepiest bag I've ever seen

  34. 34 As Skin tight as it gets

  35. 35 Real or fake?

  36. 36 Vegan wars

  37. 37 Run from the giants!!


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