20 Cringe Worthy and Awkward Celebrity Encounters


Being a celebrity isn’t all glamor and money, they have to put up with a lot of shit as well. They have no shortage of creepy chummy fans who ruin their off screen party time at shops and restaurants for getting autographs and photos. Sometimes the celebrities do what they need to get through these situations, at other times they get their share of pleasure from the encounter as well depending upon the fan that’s with them.


Listed in this post are hilarious encounters of celebrities with their fans. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Panic attack Incoming!!

  2. 2 One for the annoying fans

  3. 3 That smile says it all

  4. 4 Kanye being Kanye...


  5. 5 Eyes on the prize

  6. 6 Mr. Clooney's got the fan star struck

  7. 7 This guy from some movie called Twilight wanted to take a picture with me

  8. 8 You gotta honor some really weird requests in this business

  9. 9 Hope she brushed her teeth well today

  10. 10 The JB claw at work

  11. 11 How can we forget this one?!

  12. 12 This is possibly the most awkward celebrity greeting ever

  13. 13 Billy's got it spot on

  14. 14 The fan needs to show some skin

  15. 15 Dude seriously?!

  16. 16 Come here my kitties

  17. 17 He's so high, he's up in the sky!

  18. 18 The kids disapprove

  19. 19 This butt is too heavy, need backup!

  20. 20 Ray ray knows the drill

  21. 21 Forest Gump is not stupid

  22. 22 He is REAL!!


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