When Creative People Go on Vacation


We all love people who take little moments and turn them into big ones with their amazing sense of humor.  They know the value of leisure in life and they create an amazing aura of positivity around them that attracts other people towards them.

Today’s Post is about such amazing people who combined photography and creativity to create mind-blowing pictures, they created amazing memories for themselves while enjoying their free time.


Listed below are 25 creative moments captured beautifully in the eye of camera. Scroll down peeps and enjoy:

  1. 1 The Friendship Star!

  2. 2 Rest in piece honey

  3. 3 Come meet my best friend

  4. 4 Just chilling in the garden with my new toy


  5. 5 A new kinda hi five

  6. 6 Together we can

  7. 7 My friends on every Saturday night

  8. 8 Staying on top of your diet

  9. 9 Guess who's running nature now?

  10. 10 In a complicated relationship

  11. 11 How I wanna dress these summers

  12. 12 Carrying my friends everywhere like

  13. 13 Found a tinder match in the desert

  14. 14 The story of my boss and co workers

  15. 15 Definitely a woman's thumb

  16. 16 Gotta stay hydrated you know

  17. 17 Because teamwork matters most

  18. 18 The Great Khan won't be happy

  19. 19 Hola Senor!

  20. 20 Trying out some new outfits

  21. 21 Dragging my friend out of the friend-zone like

  22. 22 The hat family carrier

  23. 23 Capturing the moment, literally!

  24. 24 Tell me this does not look inappropriate

  25. 25 Place it here or someplace else?


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