30+ Design Ideas That are Crazy and Genius At The Same Time


A good design is one that is both trendy and useful.

To produce artistic designs one needs a brain that is willing to challenge the status quo by thinking outside the box. He/she must deviate from the standard design format if they’re to produce something novel.


Listed in this post are 26 photos of designs that meet the above mentioned criteria for a good design. If you’re a designer, take the leap and try something new.  Let this post become the inspiration that helps you start.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 This will definitely make you shit your pants

  2. 2 What Oral health?

  3. 3 Corporate relationships

  4. 4 The jaws of comfort


  5. 5 This is all I could afford for now

  6. 6 The final dive

  7. 7 Here's your drink mister

  8. 8 Survival instinct

  9. 9 The door with wooden feet and hands?

  10. 10 A couple of salt and pepper shakers that really know how to spice things up...!

  11. 11 Part time car, full time rack

  12. 12 A poultry lovers couch

  13. 13 Funky Doggy Toilet Paper Roll Holder

  14. 14 Teeth vintage purse weird dental

  15. 15 Unique Aquarium Sink

  16. 16 This Spooky Sagging Skin Chair.

  17. 17 Build a crazy slide in your house instead of stairs

  18. 18 Puppy has been bad again

  19. 19 When a plumber opens his cafe

  20. 20 A dead man's throne

  21. 21 This should be installed in all swimming pools

  22. 22 Living on liquid nitrogen?

  23. 23 How many times did he get stabbed?

  24. 24 Solve the mystery

  25. 25 When elevation has a meaning to your life

  26. 26 Helium supported

  27. 27 Moo-re than a couch

  28. 28 Sitting on a treasure chest

  29. 29 I peed already

  30. 30 Birdman's bedroom

  31. 31 The most peaceful bathing experience

  32. 32 Techno sushi

  33. 33 Just take my money and get me this

  34. 34 I'm going for a ride

  35. 35 I'd skip lemon soda today..

  36. 36 When your childhood dream comes true


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