50 Crazy Shoes Designs That Will Make Say Go Home Fashion You are Drunk


If you’re a shoe fanatic, we’re warning you, proceed at your own risk. For what you’re about to see, is going to defy all the rules of footwear!

In this post, we have listed up some of the craziest shoe designs that will make you question the mental health of some designers. Thank God, these whacky designs are not in trend (yet)! But, they are downright hilarious. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Don’t forget to share this post with all the shoe lovers in your list.

  1. 1 Kissing under the feet

  2. 2 Straught out of the jungle

  3. 3 Concrete feet

  4. 4 Waking up to put my feet into these


  5. 5 The African delight

  6. 6 What Popeye would gift to his girlfriend

  7. 7 Need some support while walking? There you go

  8. 8 What are you wearing tonight? Nothing fancy...

  9. 9 Shoes that can act as trekking support

  10. 10 It's snack time

  11. 11 Turn on the NOS

  12. 12 The Goldfish shoes

  13. 13 What to gift your gf if she likes Dragon Ball Z? Think no more!

  14. 14 Try balancing yourself on this one

  15. 15 For ponytail lovers

  16. 16 Donald or Daisy?

  17. 17 Strawberry flavor's the best

  18. 18 Customized beach wear

  19. 19 What's under your shoes?

  20. 20 You can listen to the walking sounds already

  21. 21 You can't walk in these. Can you?

  22. 22 Goes with the Pink Theme

  23. 23 Venom's wife wears these

  24. 24 Wearing heels so high. Feet be like, Am I a joke to you?

  25. 25 Balancing on these could be an Olympic sport

  26. 26 When you wanna run but just love heels too much

  27. 27 Couldn't find socks

  28. 28 When the designer gets overpaid

  29. 29 If Thanos wore heels

  30. 30 One to cheer the children

  31. 31 Throwback to Sesame Street

  32. 32 Action Figures galore

  33. 33 Whole of Saturn under my command

  34. 34 If Mad Max wore heels

  35. 35 Catapulting through life

  36. 36 I bet you can't walk in these

  37. 37 When the theme is silver

  38. 38 Looks like they've got fungi all over them

  39. 39 Same on the inside and the outside

  40. 40 Welcome to Hogwarts shoes

  41. 41 The devil shall drive you

  42. 42 Showing the love for meat

  43. 43 Barbie Haters will love this

  44. 44 Will someone explain fashion to me?

  45. 45 Who needs a mop when you have these?

  46. 46 Only for Ballerinas

  47. 47 When its too hot out there

  48. 48 Bite the night

  49. 49 Sneaker, take and hold me! Please...

  50. 50 Why even bother wearing them?

  51. 51 Splash heels!


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