30 Craziest People and Situations Ever Witnessed in Supermarkets


The supermarket is a crazy place. You’ll see all sorts of weird objects for sale, and not just that you’ll meet lots of weird people too.

In small towns, everyone knows everyone so people are usually careful about their attire when going to the store. In big towns, people don’t really care about what others think of them so they’ll wear pretty much anything to the store without a second thought.


In this post we have listed 30 hilarious pictures of people wearing weird and funny clothes in the supermarket. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Got this new hair clip from Walmart

  2. 2 When you're in the shower and remember you wanna eat salmon

  3. 3 Short girl problems

  4. 4 Just a regular Monday in Sydney


  5. 5 When mom bargains beyond your expectations and you can't find a place to hide

  6. 6 This supermarket looks more like a fashion show

  7. 7 Talk about interfering in other people's business

  8. 8 Them simulators ain't enough for me

  9. 9 Posing when it matters most

  10. 10 This dude made sure everyone stared back at him

  11. 11 Dumplings are in stock

  12. 12 Try this prank on a vegan

  13. 13 Try rooms are for the weak

  14. 14 Only in NY

  15. 15 Grandpa is a decorated Cartoon Network celebrity

  16. 16 Having your own style is important

  17. 17 Weird things in weird places

  18. 18 Guess the gender

  19. 19 Waiting for my wife at the supermarket like

  20. 20 And you are no one to judge

  21. 21 I hope his self esteem is higher than his pants

  22. 22 You have no right to judge my dressing

  23. 23 My dad has just become my mom

  24. 24 Cap of the year

  25. 25 Top priority: Sleep.

  26. 26 Spot the human

  27. 27 Just your average businessman wearing hooker heels in the Lego store.

  28. 28 When groceries are your one true love

  29. 29 Lilly and Mommy's perfect day out

  30. 30 You got a problem?


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