30 Crazy and Funny Shower Curtains That Will Make You Giggle


Unless you’ve a fancy shower with a door, you can’t really have a clean bathroom floor without having a shower curtain.

If you’re going to get a shower curtain why stick with the traditional designs? Why not do something creative and funny? It’ll give your visitors something interesting to look at if they poop in your washroom!


Others have done it before you! Listed in this post are photos of some of the funniest and craziest shower curtains ever. See something you like? Get or make a curtain just like that for your own washroom!

  1. 1 That iceberg story's fake

  2. 2 King Kong who?

  3. 3 My kinda girl

  4. 4 Only for women

  5. 5 What macho men do in the shower

  6. 6 When the whole zoo gets high

  7. 7 How to attract women into your shower


  8. 8 Spike Shower Curtain

    This shower curtain is designed to help you monitor your water use and limit the length of your showers. It slowly inflates while you shower, leaving you only a few minutes to shower before pushing you out.

  9. 9 This is literally what's going on in there

  10. 10 T-Rex kinda day

  11. 11 Me in the shower every summer

  12. 12 Come in if you dare so

  13. 13 Come in if you dare so 2.0

  14. 14 One shower for the whole fam

  15. 15 I'm not going to the shower again

  16. 16 This could so well be a movie poster

  17. 17 Just did it

  18. 18 Wildlife lover? This one's for you!

  19. 19 Suspicious enough to step in?

  20. 20 Hooman?! Save us!

  21. 21 First world problems

  22. 22 After Jaws, we present you

  23. 23 Drop a DM

  24. 24 When the hot water hits your body in winter

  25. 25 Meow?

  26. 26 Showering with the Kardashians

  27. 27 Where all the great ideas are found

  28. 28 Something went wrong I guess

  29. 29 Best Shower Curtain ever


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