30 Crazy Designer Blunders That Crosses All Boundaries


A good design is one that is both aesthetically appealing and useful. It doesn’t always have to be intricate and complicated, minimalistic designs can be quite attractive as well.

However, not all designers understand that.

In the pursuit of being creative and out of the box, some designers forget even the basic principles of design. They end up creating complicated designs that are either too ugly to look at or they’re absolutely useless.


Listed in this post are some of the worst blunders made by designers.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


  1. 1 Supporting green energy

  2. 2 My grandmas new candle holders

  3. 3 Winter mornings feel like

  4. 4 Jumanji is back


  5. 5 Gonna absorb it all

  6. 6 My gear doesn't let me feel lonely anymore

  7. 7 Beauty under my feet

  8. 8 This torn apart drawer cabinet

  9. 9 Crazy metal wipe holder!!

  10. 10 Dude, there's something on your foot

  11. 11 LulaRoe strikes again with the random placement of Santa's hand.

  12. 12 Unicorns my foot

  13. 13 The King's toilet

  14. 14 Can you spot the engine on this one?

  15. 15 A colorful illusion

  16. 16 QWERTY

  17. 17 The Dragon Head

  18. 18 The death alarms

  19. 19 Shoes, not skis

  20. 20 When you know you've messed up but still complete the project

  21. 21 The most musical pee I've ever done

  22. 22 Hidden in plain sight

  23. 23 Promoting darker skin colors

  24. 24 Butterflies on my toes

  25. 25 Perfect depiction

  26. 26 Gravity who?

  27. 27 She took my Pizza!!

  28. 28 Emma Watson, the Disney princess

  29. 29 What's the party theme? Weird and Crazy!

  30. 30 Fancy feet


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