Cops With Sense of Humour – 35 Funny Photos


Who said being a cop is boring and they don’t have a good sense of humor? Yeah! We know they have the stigma of being serious and guarding humanity’s rights against various crimes but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a sense of humor like other humans.

At times though, they scaffold humor at a particularly cruel crime scene while other time they quietly mutter one-liner at roll call (usually resulting in some manner of light disciplinary measures from the lieutenant). Whatever the case may be, we bet folks, there is nothing quite like a cop’s sense of humor.


From poking fun at their donut-based stereotypes to niftily creative and funny social media ‘warnings,’ listed in this post are 35 funny photos of cops with an incredible sense of humor. Scroll on to check out these hilarious photos and enjoy peeps! Share this post with all the police officers on you your list, they’ll surely love it!

  1. 1 Officer Pavon couldn't resist the snow angel.

  2. 2 Sacramento Police Department had a "high speed chase" today...

  3. 3 We're all kids at heart. Even the police.

  4. 4 The most effective cop trap


  5. 5 Picture of a cop haulin' ass

  6. 6 The real gains

  7. 7 Police in Montreal are refusing to wear their work pants as a part of a labor dispute.

  8. 8 Can I goat a selfie!?

  9. 9 Or wear makeup that stays intact

  10. 10 Cars: NYPD Edition

  11. 11 I'm at a wedding. Both bride and groom are police officers. This is what they are serving.

  12. 12 The dark knight + Darth Vader

  13. 13 Walked right onto it

  14. 14 Its not that much. She can handle it...


  15. 15 Zootopia like...!

  16. 16 Police busted a meth lab using a meth lab

  17. 17 There was a big drug problem at my friend's school so they hired a police officer to supervise students but now he’s playing magic the gathering with the video game club

  18. 18 Yesterday a Swedish police officer borrowed a snow sled from some neighbourhood kids

  19. 19 You act like a little b*tch, you get the pink handcuffs.

  20. 20 Someone from the inside gave out important information

  21. 21 Falling down the pit of regrets

  22. 22 Home Olympics going on

  23. 23 As a police officer assigned to a middle school, I had to get my back to school picture done. I hope my wife packed a juice box.

  24. 24 Our fire station is next door to the Police department. Pranks ensue.

  25. 25 The Swedish police posted this on their official Facebook page during a music festival with the text: "It's da sound of da police".

  26. 26 When cops don't have anything to do

  27. 27 NYPD officer and dog enjoying St. Patrick's day

  28. 28 Cop came into my University's library with candy canes shouting "Ho Ho Ho from the Po Po Po"

  29. 29 Got my first DUI today. He was found milk drunk asleep behind the wheel.

  30. 30 A police officer finds out the hard way that motorcycles don't park nicely on grass

  31. 31 Speeding tickets on sale

  32. 32 Canadian police on the job

  33. 33 Even the goat is judging him

  34. 34 Cop rewards kitty with a scratch behind the ear


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