31 People Who Are So Confidently Weird That It is Admirable


Absurdity and oddity is a matter of perspective. What is odd and weird to one person may be completely cool to the next one.

We’ve become a judgmental society as a whole that is quick to criticize anything novel by labeling it off as absurd or weird. Often it is the odd ones in society that are the most creative ones. Well, in most cases. Some of them are completely nuts, but let’s give the weirdos we see the benefit of the doubt.


Listed in this post are photos of confident weirdos who’re super comfortable in their skin. Their confidence is admirable.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Staying safe from pollution in style

  2. 2 Learning from the best

  3. 3 The Mask's girlfriend

  4. 4 When you're all about instant reminders


  5. 5 Spotted an alien at Walmart

  6. 6 On the list of most useless acts from today

  7. 7 Let the inner animal out

  8. 8 When the summer heat strikes

  9. 9 Colonel Sanders is that you?!

  10. 10 Some things really grow on you

  11. 11 No dirty thoughts

  12. 12 Apple hater found

  13. 13 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

  14. 14 How far can you go to get attention?

  15. 15 Anyone up for an instant bath?

  16. 16 This could totally make a movie poster

  17. 17 Saturday night parties are the craziest

  18. 18 Me: Could your dressing choices get any worse?! ... Captain Jack Sparrow: Hold my beer!

  19. 19 Rain rain go away, come again some other day

  20. 20 The flu season is almost here. Order this asap!

  21. 21 The subway never fails to amuse me

  22. 22 Guess who's winning best dressed at the Halloween party tonight?

  23. 23 What does the Fox say?

  24. 24 I'm about to puke...

  25. 25 Desperate dates be like

  26. 26 Oreo couldn't afford a billboard so they paid her

  27. 27 I could run a marathon with this device's help

  28. 28 The purpose of this gate and my existence have the same meaning

  29. 29 Does the whole circus travel in the subway?

  30. 30 When you're not sure whether you should wear a jeans or a skirt

  31. 31 The man all women wish for

  32. 32 Drink Up!


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