Compilation of Epic Hotel Fails (40 Hilarious Photos)


Hotels don’t just compete in terms of the services they offer, they also compete in terms of quality of services and architectural designs.

Due to all the market competition, they’ll promise you windows, balconies, swimming pools, cinema, and gyms. However, somehow they’ll fulfill their promises too but not in the way you may have expected.


The architects of these hotels fail so miserably that you can’t help but question their intellect. In this post, we have listed up some hilarious hotel fails that will make you go ROFL.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 This Hotel Is Very... Accommodating

  2. 2 Stayed At The Gaylord Hotel In Nashville Last Weekend. This Was The View From My Room's Window ....

  3. 3 Staying in a sh*tty hotel in New York when..

  4. 4 The bin in my hotel room

  5. 5 This hotel.. - TV angle fail


  6. 6 This is the view from my hotel room's window !

  7. 7 The door of my next door neighbors.......4 nights of a crazy sorority party!”

  8. 8 When you once in a while discover why there are such a significant number of tea and espresso sachets in the room

  9. 9 For when you hate your guests at the hotel.

  10. 10 Hotel service never said there would be a showerhead in your bathroom .....

  11. 11 For tall people snd for short people.

  12. 12 That's quite of a view!

  13. 13 Things went ironical .....

  14. 14 What Privacy !?

  15. 15 This is gonna be a challenging few days of showers. Obviously not designed for tall people!

  16. 16 Not sure which one should i close the closet or the bathroom !

  17. 17 The dust on this phone seems like it’s been there for years.

  18. 18 Low tech problem in a high tech world! Here’s a creative approach to solving an AC problem.

  19. 19 Big old leaky hole in the ceiling in my hotel. Lovely welcome.

  20. 20 But just in case you don't wanna obey

  21. 21 Do the honors yourself

  22. 22 Staying in the 'Nightmare On Elm St.' suite

  23. 23 Water sprays out of the hose, not the shower head.

  24. 24 A motel in my town is offering something most don't.

  25. 25 I'll need a bath tub for that

  26. 26 This motel had a mirror in the bathroom, in case you were wondering what your pooping face was

  27. 27 Was leaving a hotel in China, almost forgot to flip this switch

  28. 28 This hotel water bottle note...

  29. 29 Hotel In Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada

  30. 30 Someone's Getting Promoted At This Hotel

  31. 31 Our hotel bathroom has a semi-transparent door

  32. 32 I'm not sure exactly what my hotel is advertising here

  33. 33 I've stayed in a lot of hotels and never seen a sign like this one. Welcome to Missouri!

  34. 34 So I figured out why the gym hotel looked bigger online

  35. 35 A gorgeous hotel room with a bathroom right in the center

  36. 36 The "water closet" in my hotel room

  37. 37 Amsterdam Hotel shower for strippers

  38. 38 Great place to store $5000.

  39. 39 Condoms found in a Chinese hotel. For that special someone...

  40. 40 This is exactly the picture I don't want hanging in my hotel room


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