20+ Comics That Every Pregnant Woman Can Relate To


Line Severison is a mommy of two beautiful babies. She knows all about the struggles of women during their pregnancy because she’s been through it twice.

Being an illustrator, she decided to use her talent to create web comics that all pregnant women could connect to. Her comic series is titled “Kos og Kaos”, in English that means “Cuddles and Chaos”.

Listed in this post are hilarious comics created by Line.


If you like what you see here, you can check out more of her work here: kosogkaos. You can also buy her book: I’m So Pregnant as a gift for pregnant ladies.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Expecting a very active baby

  2. 2 A repost since it's my birthday and I can't drink

  3. 3 It's not getting around in tight parking-spaces when you're pregnant!

  4. 4 They say you shouldn't eat for two.


  5. 5 When you are so swollen that you look like the Michelin man

  6. 6 Time for slip-ons!

  7. 7

  8. 8 Can't see below the belly

  9. 9 Fears about giving birth: water breaking in public

  10. 10 Stop touching my belly!

  11. 11 I didn't see this coming

  12. 12 Crazy pregnancy hormones

  13. 13 Pregnancy cravings

  14. 14 Pregnancy cramps in the middle of the night

  15. 15 When your friends insist on telling you their horrible birth stories

  16. 16 Third trimester workout!

  17. 17 Tigermom! "don't be ashamed of your stretch marks! You're a tiger and you have earned every stripe"

  18. 18 At least you have a built in table when you're in your third trimester

  19. 19 So big that you are about to explode

  20. 20 What not to say to a pregnant woman

  21. 21 Water broke while doing a downward dog at a yoga studio

  22. 22 How can you tell if you're getting a hairy baby?

  23. 23 Pregnancy feels like a turtle stuck on my back when trying to get out of bed!

  24. 24 http://Overly supportive dad

  25. 25 Superwoman


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