“Bloome” Comics By Hanna Hilariously Depicting Girls Everyday Struggles


Let’s face it, being a woman is no easy feat. We face a plethora of problems every day but still keep our chins up and never let it bog us down. From bodily issues to relationships, is there anything we ever leave out? Absolutely nothing! We want it all and we want it right now. Only if life would cut us some slack! However, comic artist Hanna gave tribute to all the brave girls out there with her hilarious comics. She created the “Bloome Comics” comic series where she illustrated all of the funny and frustrating problems an everyday girl faces in her daily life.

Hanna says each of her comics depicts the things she experienced herself and each story is based on her family and her best friend. Her main goal is to make every girl smile at daily struggles together and we think she’s doing the job quite well. Scroll on to see some of her hilarious comics in our list below and enjoy peeps!


More Info: bloome_comics



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