32 Coincidental Shots That Turned Out To Be Optical Riddles


In this post, you will find all sorts of posts that won’t make sense in the first glance. Most of these are optical illusions generated either by coincidence or by superb camera work. Just take our advice, and look at each photo twice before passing your judgement on any photo. Things will seldom be what they seem on the first glance.


Some pictures will puzzle you exceedingly. What do you think really happened in the first picture? There’s others like that one as well. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 She don't have big hands so look again!

  2. 2 Cloud bear looks happier than most of us

  3. 3 Talk about being bold

  4. 4 Rise from hell!


  5. 5 When's this horror movie coming out?

  6. 6 Yes, his lower body is missing!

  7. 7 That's one tall and flexible dude!

  8. 8 Making them gains!

  9. 9 An owl having the most Kate Bush moment ever.

  10. 10 Someone call 911...

  11. 11 Isn't she hot?

  12. 12 He is a man of many talents!

  13. 13 Floating Shoes!

  14. 14 She's been hitting the gym lately..

  15. 15 That's really confusing!

  16. 16 This is just a package!

  17. 17 The Mothership!

  18. 18 What specie is that again?!

  19. 19 She has her own customized antenna

  20. 20 The Zidane's welcome you

  21. 21 Kitty's learned to blend in

  22. 22 So I flew from the haunted airport

  23. 23 Drinks on Monday mornings be like

  24. 24 When he tries going to the third base

  25. 25 How do you like my beard?

  26. 26 All hail the Queen of Narnia

  27. 27 Such a cutie. Oh wait!!

  28. 28 That's a really long neck!

  29. 29 I told him I saw a girl with horse legs but he didn't believe!

  30. 30 The appearance of a cub of a Mercedes

  31. 31 It's not her a** you silly. it is a clever optical illusion!

  32. 32 Someone let me out!


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