20+ Cringe worthy Photos Shows How Messy Some Buyers Are


Some buyers have absolutely no shame. They do things that are so cringe worthy that you’re highly likely to get an OCD attack. This includes putting nail polish bottles upside down, dropping products such as shoes and board games between the aisles and even sitting on fruits!

Listed up in this post are some of the most cringe-worthy photos ever taken in stores? The person who’s responsible for the mess in the 6th photo should be banned from the store.


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  1. 1

  2. 2 Leaving your mark at the At&T store.

  3. 3 Spotted some opened up, upside down nail polish bottles at our local Target.

  4. 4


  5. 5 Lemme just sit on this cheese

  6. 6 If you do this in any store, you’re the definition of trashy.

  7. 7 These guys brought a bathtub full of coins to buy an iPhone for $1,600.

  8. 8

  9. 9 People Who Do This In Stores

  10. 10 People who let their kids do this in the store

  11. 11 You know you're in a bad part of town when cheese slices are in security boxes.

  12. 12 Neighbour regularly steals and piles up grocery carts outside apartment building

  13. 13 Pistachios are expensive

  14. 14 I would lose my mind working in retail.

  15. 15

  16. 16 Parking in front of a liquor store

  17. 17 People who hide their nasty trash on store shelves.

  18. 18 Anyone that does this.

  19. 19 When your task for the party is to get balls for beer pong and come to the store to see this...

  20. 20 Wal-Mart pic- Do I get a discount for pre-used deodorant? Bonus points for the pit hair

  21. 21

  22. 22

  23. 23


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