Self-Taught Chinese Photographer is Pro At Taking Perfectly Timed Photos


Tao Liu is a self taught Chinese photographer who started photography as a hobby around 3 years ago. He learned everything he knows from experience, videos and books; there was once a time when Liu would drive long distances just to find photography books that he could learn from. The hard work paid off, he really knows what he’s doing now.

Liu’s work is mostly focused upon street photography in his hometown Hefei. He takes perfectly time photos to highlight all the diversity and beauty that he sees around him. In this post we have listed up some of his best photos. If you want to see more of his work, check out the following links: Facebook | Flickr | Lofter


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 It got me thinking for a second

  2. 2 Sniffing the dough

  3. 3 Peaking not allowed

  4. 4 She's been staring for a while now...


  5. 5 Showing the inner self

  6. 6 Have you seen any rats around here sir?

  7. 7 Double protection = double swag

  8. 8 This is my hooman. Stop looking!

  9. 9 Timing is everything

  10. 10 What's in your basket?

  11. 11 Just a casual evening convo

  12. 12 Winnie spotted

  13. 13 So do you like my new hairstyle?

  14. 14 The generals shall protect me

  15. 15 Parenting's got me like

  16. 16 An unusual friendship

  17. 17 Monsoon came early

  18. 18 Fruity heaven ft baldie

  19. 19 Life of a slave

  20. 20 Family guy spotted

  21. 21 Done for the day. Resting my paws...

  22. 22 Multitasking done right

  23. 23 Bare necessities

  24. 24 The corporate bound

  25. 25 Life right now

  26. 26 Post hard work routine

  27. 27 Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the shadiest of them all?


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