Children Are the Most Talented Yet Brutally Honest Artists – 20 Photos


Kids live in a world of their own; they see things quite differently from adults and their whimsical imaginations are often reflected in their drawings. Pablo Picasso summed it up well; “Every child is an artist.” A child’s drawing can tell you so much more than you are usually willing to see. Even the simplest piece can tell you the story of their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

Undoubtedly, the world is a canvas for them and sometimes in their childish innocence; they end up drawing extremely awkward stuff without having a clue about their hilarious blunders. To them, their drawings are just dinosaurs, rainbows and shapes with a palette full of colors.


In this post, we have listed 20 photos of the most talented yet brutally honest drawings made by children. Scroll on and laugh your heart out. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 That's a girl letting it out

  2. 2 Every time mommy's angry

  3. 3 When teacher says “Draw your mommy.”

  4. 4 “It was worth a couple of minutes to move away from the sketch in a house full of children, how such a masterpiece was born”


  5. 5 Coworkers kid drew me a picture....

  6. 6 She's good looking, isn't she?

  7. 7 Mom's livin a good life

  8. 8 Gas is all i provide in a relationship...!!

  9. 9 Taco... Doggie... BOY!

  10. 10 My friends daughter had a school assignment to "Write once sentence about a family member and draw a picture about it".

  11. 11 My cousin babysits a child who is not very fond of her. She found this letter in his room, he left it on his desk. (Her name is Valerie)

  12. 12 Let's go to the bitch some day

  13. 13 My 11-year old's birthday card to me

  14. 14 While cleaning the basement, I found an old drawing my sister drew when she was little.....of her sacrificing me to the alien gods

  15. 15 Picture a kid drew, posted on the art wall at my local restaurant

  16. 16 Kitty, do you love me?

  17. 17 This kid crossed many boundaries with the drawing

  18. 18 Kid speaking 20 years wiser

  19. 19 Good lord what's going on here?

  20. 20 Mom's about to run me over


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